3024 Castro Valley Blvd, Castro Valley, CA 94546

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UPDATE - 03/30/20

We'll be posting all updates for our stores here:


Visit and click on the banner:

UPDATE - 03/25/20


We are unable to open our doors, do curbside pickup, or allow customers in our store, per the Alameda County / California Shelter-At-Home Ordinance. We're moving all of our products online to our partner website. You can order here, and have your products shipped to your home. If you're in the San Francisco Bay Area, your packages will arrive the next day, or within 2 business days at most:

We tried our best to keep our doors open during this crisis, but for the safety of our employees and customers, we decided it was best to move all of our products online for the time being. Our website ( is also owned by the same owner as Valley Vape Club, and has been in business since 2013. Products are shipped from our same location in Castro Valley, CA. We have secure online credit card processing, state-of-the-art age-verification, and FAST shipping. This is TEMPORARY, and until this crisis is over and everyone feels safe to reopen their businesses.

Here were our issues in this process:

1. We cannot have our doors open to the public, allow customers to enter our store, or do curbside pickup as we've NOT been deemed an "essential business" by Alameda County.
2. Our California Tobacco License only allows us to sell at our physical location (we cannot accept cash & cards outside of our retail location).
3. Credit card processing for a new online retail site takes about 20-30 days to get approved, and we don't want to make our customers wait that long to order.
4. Local delivery could put our employees and our customers at risk, so we are able to offer free shipping (on orders of $30.00 or more) here on this website (, also owned by the owner of Valley Vape Club).

For more info and updates, please click on the welcome banner on the online site.

We also added a LIVE CHAT plugin at the bottom right of the website for you to contact us during this time.

NOTE: We do not have ALL of our products available on the site yet, but we're working hard to add them daily (we have over 3000 SKUs), and taking suggestions from our customers for the products they're looking for.

PLEASE feel free to contact us. We'll be available on the LIVE CHAT, by email at, via our Instagram page (@valleyvapeclub), our Facebook page (Valley Vape Club), or by phone at 510-881-8801.

Thank you for your support during this difficult time. SUPPORT LOCAL BUSINESS!

Be Safe, Stay Healthy, and we can't wait to see your faces again!

UPDATE - 03/24/20
Ok, almost there. Expect a notification from our rewards app on your phones tomorrow, and check back here! Sorry this is taking so long - we're trying our best!

UPDATE - 03/21/20
Good news coming soon! We'll be putting all of our products online within the next few days. Stay tuned for an update tomorrow!

URGENT UPDATE - 03/16/20 - 3:00pm PST:
As of midnight tonight (12:01am, 03/16/2020) we have been ordered to close and shelter at home by Alameda County, extending until April 7th (and possibly longer). THIS IS TEMPORARY - WE WILL REOPEN WHEN WE CAN! We are staying open this evening an extra hour (until 9:00pm), or later if necessary. PLEASE make sure you're stocked up for an extended period (up to 4 weeks) - coils, e-liquids, batteries, etc. We do NOT want our customers to go back to smoking! We will be providing updates here as this situation progresses, and as we receive more information. We apologize for the inconvenience - we would continue to stay open if we could.

Please check back here daily, and our social media pages (Instagram: @valleyvapeclub, Facebook: Valley Vape Club).

We love all of you.
Thank you for your support.
Please stay safe!

--Sam, Dave, Cam, Kayle, & AJ

About Valley Vape Club


Valley Vape Club opened in July of 2018. We provide the local community with alternatives to smoking (vapor/e-liquid products) and a wide selection of CBD products. Our mission is to help people live healthier lives through harm-reduction, and provide relief from daily ailments such as insomnia, anxiety, pain, and more.

Sam & Dave

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Monday - Saturday : 11:00am - 8:00pm
Sunday : 11:00am - 6:00pm

Call Us: 510-881-8801

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And Many More

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  • Google Review

    “ It's nice to have a straight forward vape shop in CV - something we've needed for a while in the CV, Hayward, San Leandro area for a while now. The owner and staff love vaping, have educted opinions, and are well versed in palate and technology. There is a focus on doing what they can to bring proper prices to their brick and mortar customers while helping all types of vapers. “
  • Yelp Review

    “ So glad to have a vape shop like this in Castro Valley now. I hope they stick around for a long time. “
  • Yelp Review

    “ I love coming here! Its clean and organized. They have so many flavor options. Tons of mods. The customer service is great! The owners are great and the people working that I met have been so friendly and knowledgeable and were able to help me and answer all of my questions. “
  • Yelp Review

    “ I'm an avid vaper. And I normally buy my products online. It's much cheaper. So when I stepped into the door, I had skepticism about Valley Vape Club's pricing. However, their prices are equivalent to the prices you see online. Best of all you do not have to pay for shipping or the wait. “
  • Yelp Review

    “ I am so impressed by the customer service and professionalism of every person who has ever helped us here. The staff is so friendly and knowledgeable and have helped guide me toward products that would work best for my needs. Great place to buy all CBD products with an awesome selection and variety! “